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Post-College Depression is Debilitating but Should Be Normalized

Post-college depression in young adults often occurs right after they complete university coursework, due to pressure to get a job right away or sadness leaving their college peers and life behind, according to Addictive Behaviors Reports medical journal. As someone who attended college for six years straight, I felt the wave of depression upon leaving my peers and the structure of college-life to a new beginning as an adult. Factors such as coming to the realization that I owe 60K in student loans and moving to a new state alone made me realize that the careless days of college was in fact over. The unexplainable feeling upon receiving my first email about student loan repayment after graduating was a very humbling experience. Thus, as I am going through my journey of post-college life, I formulated some pointers from my experience to share and possibly help others who are in the same predicament.  Realization of Adulthood For the traditional student, post-graduation can be depressin

I Went Vegan For Three Months... Here's What Happened

1. My Skin Health Increased As someone who suffers from plaque psoriasis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis, the main reason behind my venture into veganism stemmed from wanting to test if my diet affected my skin condition. Although environmental factors (and my love of alcohol) also play a part in flare-ups, my skin health drastically increased while being vegan. More-so my face, it was never as clear and glowing before changing my diet. Granted, I started taking multi-vitamins and Sea Moss which I felt contributed to my skin improvement. Now that the weather is changing and I’m back eating meat, I question whether I should go back. 2. I Unintentionally Lost 15 Pounds I’ve always been a petite, athletic-built, woman and the last thing I honestly wanted to do was lose weight. I went from 135 to 115 in a span of three months. I also occasionally walked the nearby nature trail by my apartment. The interesting part about this journey was the loss of muscle mass. I felt scrawny and frail